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The plant of AIZ company in Lithuania was founded in the 2008. During this period company started to producing and constructing a wide range of electrotechnical products for European market.
The main commodity output of the plant accounted linear fittings of overhead power lines with voltage of 35 kV to 750 kV. Plant participated in most of the major projects for the construction of new and reconstruction of existing overhead lines, for example Dawn - Barabinsk, Khabarovsk- Hektsir etc. Apart from the standard commercially manufactured fittings plant started producing special types of fittings, such as three and five radial rocker for 500kV lines, with special clips to the breaking load 1200kN, multirole suspensions, etc.
Presence in the structure of the plant unique Design Office for valves and insulators allows the plant to independently solve problems and develop new products to implement it as soon as possible. There were accomplished projects in such countries as: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Iran, India, Kazakhstan, Syria, Vietnam, Serbia, also, in most international tenders related to the construction of power lines. Among our projects are recognized as the Iran-Turkey line 400kV (KHOY-DWEER, JANDAR-TADMOR), 230kV line Vietnam (HANOY-BORDER), 132 kV (AFAM-ALAOJI DC TRANSMISSION LINE) Nigeria and others, some you can see on our web site.
During 3 years period the plant received more than 28 patents on new types of high-voltage insulators. More than 12 international patents plant registered under the Madrid Agreement in 47 countries. In the field of silicon pin insulation and insulation support development plant has no analogues in the world.
Our plant produces glass insulators. Mastering the production of glass insulators has necessitated the development and launch of production capacity in Europe. Currently, the plant has the ability to quick changeover and release of almost any glass insulator.
THE "INSULATOR & ACCESSORIES FACTORY" (AIZ) developed and performed a mastering scale of items for the rigid bus bars for the substations recently. During this time, there have been developed and introduced dozens of products, which have not been produced before. The set of specially designed bus-bar supports, bus-bars and armature fittings is a comprehensive solution for the substations bus-baring. Besides the bus-bar supports the factory has developed and mastered a long list of rigid bus-bars armature. There were used modern solutions of high voltage insulation for the bus-bars. Bus- bar supports are made on the basis of polymer rod insulators, taking into account the work specifics of the insulator in the bus-bar support.Catalogues with products for integrated project of rigid bus bar fittings you can book free specifying the mailing address.
Together with the development of traditional glass insulators, plant conducts scientific research and development work in the field of polymer insulators, short current indicators, bolted lugs, bus bar fittings. The purposes of the group of plants AIZ is the transfer of all existing types of porcelain insulators to the new high quality glass and composite silicone insulators and propose brand new types of hardware fittings introducing a mastering scale of abilities to solve all technical challenges for the HV project developers.
The plant's products are well known in more than 30 countries. It has been tested in the certification centers, laboratories and national institutions in many countries: EGU HV LABORATORY (Czech Republic), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Budapest (Hungary), VTT (Finland), BC HYDRO (Canada), Vasterosi (Sweden), etc.
Electrical characteristics of insulators, their types and sizes fully comply with international standards - IEC 60305,  60120,  60383, 60372 and etc.
Our factory is a dynamic structure which is able to absorb all the positive aspects of our illustrious predecessors, the experience of our partners and competitors. Plant team invites all interested persons  for cooperation and partnership.