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CS type composite silicone insulators for all pollution of the atmosphere levels.
Insulators are made from high quality Fiberglass rod. They have a hydrophobic, silicone shell. Fittings of insulator are protected against corrosion by zinc thermal diffusion method to a depth of 80 microns. Coverage saturates the superficial layers of steel zinc. Monolithic thermodiffusion protection eliminates delamination coverage for crimping fittings on the web, and provides protection in 3 times larger than galvanized and 1.5 times greater coating deposited by dipping in molten zinc. Composite silicone insulators CS have a high electrical performance at high surface contamination, increased length of the path of leakage. This allows them to apply in heavy pollution levels. High voltage composite insulators CS are mass-produced on the basis of composite materials: high- Fiberglass rod with a diameter of 20 mm, and the protective shell of silicone rubber possesses high hydrophobicity and resistance of raw materials of the company Dow Corning, Wacker, General Electric and others. Insulators have increased the seismic resistance and resistance to vandalism. Insulators CS exploitable for isolating and securing current carrying parts of electrical apparatus, switchgear power stations and substations with voltage of 330kV and higher.
Insulators are made in accordance with IEC61109. Warranty period -3 years. Useful life is not less than 25 years.

Type of insulator acc. IEC61109, IEC61466



Minimum failing bending loading,kN


Building height H, mm



Spacing, mm L



Core diameter, mm



Creep age distance, mm





Voltage withstand, kV, not less

impulse, mks

frequency 50 Hz, wet